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Individual, Business, and Government Accounting Services

Global Accounting is a comprehensive veteran owned accounting firm that helps an individual, small business, and federal agencies — Global Accounting, CPA firm, offering a full suite of accounting services including internal controls, accounting, attestation work, bookkeeping, tax services, and management consulting services.  The firm has over 40 years of combined experience.

Individual Taxes

Tax accounting isn’t just numbers on a page; it impacts your life in fundamental ways. Without constant vigilance, your financial, tax accountability can spiral out of control. As your wealth increases, so do your financial complexities.  Best rated CPA firm in DC in Global Accounting.


Bookkeeping & Taxes for Small Business

If you want No one wants to do the business bookkeeping, but it’s one of those things that absolutely must be done — and done well. If you want to continue focusing on your business strengths, hire a professional bookkeeping and tax for small business firm. You can enjoy your freedom — both personally and professionally — when you rely on the services of a professional accounting firm.

Government Accounting Service

Supported by technology implementation specialists, project managers, and a host of subject matter experts, our accounting teams are able to serve the unique and critical needs of SBA government contractors throughout the USA.




What are Global Accounting and Global Standards?

Global Accounting and Economies rely on cross-border transactions and the free flow of international capital. All financial transactions occur across country borders, and that number is expected to grow to 60$, or $5 trillion by 2020, according to World Bank. (click here)

Investors will diversify and invest in opportunities across the world to undertake that happen global operations and global subsidiaries in other countries.

In the past, such multinational activities were complex by different countries maintaining their own sets of national accounting standards. The accounting requirements often added cost, complexity and ultimately risked both to companies preparing financial statements and shareholder using those financial statements to make economic decisions. (click here)

Applying International and national accounting standards meant amounts reported in financial statements might calculate on a different basis. The Complexity minutiae of national accounting standards, because even a small difference in requirements could have an impact on a company’s reported financial performance and financial position. The Example is a company may recognize profits, under one set of national accounting standards and losses under another. (click here)