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People are always in search for opportunities – opportunity to succeed, acquire wealth and riches as a sense of security and fulfillment as human beings. As resources go scarce, people will look for opportunities to save and doubling it at the same time. The trend of the world is to educate people on financial management and control. It is saving for the future while income and health are still good. Eventually, strive to work harder in order to have more than what is sufficient.

As all of us start a new year, we would also want to execute changes and have a taste for new discovery and adventure. The first thought is how I can double the money I earn? Where to invest them? Who can give me the best advice I need?

People are now considering to start investing their money rather than keeping them in their safety boxes. Here are some few best investment options you can start with this early 2019:

Stock Market

Mitchell Bloom (Financial advisor and author of The 8 Biggest 401(k) Mistakes and How to Avoid Them) said, “Emotions can hinder a good investment plan in different market environments, whether you’re experiencing a bull run where the markets are up or a bear market where the markets are off 20% or more from their highs”.

The stock market has a lot of twists and turns lately, but you may have probably heard the rumors that a correction is on its way. US economy has lost all its 2018 gains by the end of the year and then some, and many believe that’s just the beginning of a spiral that might last years. Economists say that the expectation now is that it will start to slow down in 2019, profit growth will be visible— just not at such a high rate. It’s late in the cycle, and investors are naturally worried. If you don’t feel comfortable buying individual stocks, consider investing in globally diversified, low-cost index funds.

People should not forget that there’s an easy way to invest more money in the stock market to help you save money on taxes. By contributing money to your 401(k), you can reduce your taxable income and grow your wealth in one fell swoop. If you don’t have access to a 401(k) plan, you still can invest in a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. You may be able to reduce your taxable income by investing in a traditional IRA, and that you can invest after-tax dollars in Roth IRA too provided you meet income requirements.

Fortunately, the government has upped the amounts you can contribute to these accounts for 2019: $19,000 in a 401(k) and $6,000 across traditional and Roth IRAs.

Real Estate

In the United States, real estate is in a bubble across many parts of the country. Prices continue to go up and up with no end in sight. Another option is REIT or Real Estate Investment Trusts if you don’t want to invest in physical real estate. It allows you to take advantage of the upsides of the real estate market without getting your hands dirty or dealing with the hassles of being a landlord.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Another place to invest your excess funds this year is on peer-to-peer lending. It is like Lending Club and Prosper allow you to loan money to individuals as a bank does, and you get to receive the interest they pay in. Lending Club allows you to spread your investment over hundreds or even thousands of loans in increments as small as $25.



Benjamin Brandt a financial adviser, said he believes 2019 will be a good year to invest in your career in a way that helps you earn more income over your lifetime. He also recommends asking yourself if there are any small improvements you could make that could make you more valuable to an employer or your own business. It takes some time and effort, but you must help yourself establish as an authority in my field, gain the trust of my clients, and ultimately earn more money.


Physical health should be a priority, and how you feel on the inside is equally important. There’s never a better time to start taking care of yourself for we only have one life to live. Make sure you’re healthy, but also make sure you’re happy. Disbursing money to have healthy pre-cooked meals delivered to your house, and join a boxing gym because it’s such a great workout even though I have a gym at home

Paying Off Debt

If you have high-interest credit card debt, it’s crucial to create a plan to squash those credit card debts as soon as you can. Paying off debt is a smart way to get a guaranteed return on your money no matter what the stock market is doing. Also paying off debt can reduce your utilization and improve creditworthiness. A better credit score can help you secure which can save your money.


Lastly, investment should be done way beyond riches. But try securing some worthy wealth that sums up happiness and contentment that is way beyond human senses and mortality.