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By: [Blog] When is the Last Time You Sharpened Your Knife in Your Small Business… ‹ Reinvention Weekend

[…] I’ve been running my small business for 14 years. Every year, since I’ve been operating my social media marketing and content company, Quintessence Multimedia, I have invested in professional development courses for myself.  One of the hallmarks of an exceptional leader is being a life-long learner. I’m a big fan of reading to grow your mind, but what else are you doing to grow? If the last time you found yourself in a classroom setting was 15 to 25 years ago, you might be what is holding back your small business. There are all types of personal and professional development you can pursue, such as signing up for a class at your local community college or attending a one-day seminar — or attending a conference to specifically learn a new skill. And don’t forget that leadership training can support your business, too.  [more] […]

By: [Blog] How to Use Video Blogging to Generate Buzz for a Small Business ‹ Reinvention Weekend

[…] In an effort to make the most out of their blogging sites, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are seeking ways to find a larger online audience. With YouTube being the second most visited site on the internet, video blogging has become a good option to consider to spice up a website. Blog visitors tend to stay two or three times longer when visiting a website when there are more than just text and pictures. Adding video tends to personalize the site, and adds a creative touch that most blogs simply do not incorporate. It also provides a level of entertainment that is impossible to create with written content and graphics. [more] […]

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